29th Accra Milo 42.2 KM Marathon | September 21st 2016 | Accra, Ghana.


Finish Time #Marathon #8 : 4hr 6 minutes – position 387 of 2000+ | If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t you are also right – Henry Ford

I participated in my first 42.2 KM in September 2013 after losing my closest cousin, friend, confidant and G (Loma Zigi) in July 2013. I was looking for something to clear my head with_distract my self, the pain was so much Started by reading at least six John Grisham Novels in a month I started jogging every night and eventually I heard about the Milo Marathon; running a marathon had always been in my bucket list so enrolled to participate.

10km accra-marathon-2016 girl mara-2016

Three years later I have my first position as a marathoner – 387 of 2000+. The Marathon is like life, we learn many lessons on the way to our destination:

Be Prepared

Train hard, use the right tools ( light footwear, been training on the thread mill averaging an hour a day – There is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

Go at your own pace

A marathon is a race and not a conpetition, just like life we have different physiological, psychological make up hence we run at different pace.

Stay on your lane

Be focused on your destination and don’t be distracted by the noise around you.

Seek out Encouragers

There are going to be people along your journey that would encourage you seek them out.

If you want to soar with the Eagles, you do not flock with the chickens.

Ignore Doubters

Doubters would always doubt, haters would always hate. It is not their fault, it is just who they are.