About Lanre Dahunsi

I’m an Entrepreneur, Web Strategist, Blogger, Life Long Learner, Language Polyglot and Technology Enthusiast.

Random Fun Facts

Five Adjectives to describe Me: Fearsomely Simple, Exceptionally Bold, Daringly Different, Infectiously Passionate and Incurably Optimistic.

Favorite NGO: Junior Chambers International

Favorite Organization : Toastmasters International

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Favorite Activities: Reading and Public Speaking.

Favorite Book: Re-Imagine by Tom Peters

Favorite Quote: Dream like you would live forever, live like you would die today.~ James Dean.

Favorite Websites: Google | Wikipedia | YouTube.

Favorite Football Club : Manchester United Football Club.

Favorite Athletes : Cristano Ronaldo | Usain Bolt.

Favourite Project: Opportunities For Africans