Keep on Keeping On


Today is International Youth Day, an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. International Youth Day is observed annually on 12 August.

Being a young person can be pretty darn fustrating and exciting – to paraphase Late Chinua Achebe who said ”

Being a Nigerian is abysmally fustrating and unbelievable exciting

Being a youth in the 21st century feels the same way, from information overload to the limitless opportunities around us, the social media craze to the power of being a youth in this age and time. To be able to effect change requires consistency and perseverance. We/you have to keep keeping  on in the face of obstacles and tribulations, ups and downs, frowns and smiles, doubts and betrayals.



We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a Habit – Aristotle

We don’t just stumble on greatness, it requires hardwork, grind, hustle, single-mindedness of purpose, grit,chutzpah and focus.

Happy International Youth Day to you all – Being a youth is not about your age, it is about the your perspective.

  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  • Never let your Schooling interfere with your Education  – Mark Twain
  • Be yourself everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

All the best in your quest to get better, Don’t Settle: Live with Passion.

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