Learn to number your Days.

I recently lost my Mum on the 31st of March 2019, it was one of the toughest days of my life. My mum was sick for a while but never thought she was going to be gone so soon. She battled cancer for 9+ Months and it was a roller coaster year but she did not survive it.

The following days, weeks and months have been extremely tough -the overwhelm, the despair, the withdrawals, the tears, the silence from so-called friends and family members, the longing to have just one more conversation with her, the memories.

We all grief differently and life can be cruel with its twist and turns, losing her also brought one more thing into my Life: Learning to number my days, having a sense of urgency and finally understanding the real meaning of Life is Short.

” You are either coming from a Storm, Living a Storm or you entering a Storm”

As long as our life seem to be, it is also extremely short. I finally understood that assertion about the brevity of life with the passing of my dear mum. I was recently watching a Warren Buffet video on youtube in which the interviewer requested to interview Warren and he replied him saying: He had less than 4,000 days (10+ year plus to live) that got to me and I finally got it.

We all have the same amount of time, how we spend it while we are still here is what really counts when all is said and done.

” Fear not that your life would come to an end, Fear that is shall never have a beginning”

My Mum died at 54+ years, she was going to be 55 on May 23rd 2019. Calculating 54 years times 365 equals 19710, technically she was here for just 20,000 days. The life expectancy in USA is 79 that means the average American would be around for 28,835 Days approximately 29,000 Days while the life expectancy in Nigeria is 55 years which means the average Nigerian would be around for 20,000+ Days. When you begin to look at your days in terms of days,weeks and months, we might get a new perspective about time and how we spend it.

55 years :

365 x 55 = 20,075 Days
52 x 55 = 2860 Weeks
24 x 20,075 = 481, 800 Hours
60 x 481,800 hrs = 2,890,8000 Minutes
60 x 2,890,8000 Mins = 173,448, 000 Seconds

We all don’t know when we are going to leave this earth, the more reason to discover your purpose, find your mission, follow your bliss and leave a trail for others to follow. How we spend our time, who and what we spend it on determines the depth and breadth of our existence.

“Dream like you would live forever, Live like you would DIE today – James Dean

In Lieu of this Paradigm shift have committed to spend my time with only things that are aligned with my vision and I do commit to not spend any second with anything that is not taking me towards my purpose.

In all you do learn to “Number your Days” Don’t Settle: Live with Passion.

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