Martha Stewart’s Masterclass: Think Like a Boss, Live Like a Legend.

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Martha Stewart became a mogul by breaking the mold and refusing to compromise. Even with 18 Emmys, 7 James Beard Awards, and 99 books and counting under her belt, she continues to evolve, adapt, and adopt. By embracing new opportunities like TikTok and CBD she’s more relevant now than ever.

Martha Stewart, is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author of 99 (to date) lifestyle books, an Emmy Award–winning television show host, and a creator of the first multi-channel lifestyle company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She’s been a household name for over four decades, beginning in 1982 with the release of Entertaining by Martha Stewart. The success of that first book ultimately led to the creation of Martha Stewart Living in 1990. She went on to create additional magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings in 1995, and launch a successful merchandising business with products for the home sold at multiple retail and online outlets.

Early Life

Martha grew up in a family of six kids. Her mother was a school teacher while her father was a pharmaceutical salesman.

Martha’s Regimen

Get more done by building daily habits and a schedule. Builds up physical and mental energy for the day ahead.

  • Early Riser: Her day starts at 5 AM
  • Exercise – Shower – Drink Green Juice
  • Read news headline – Puzzles

Priority: Schedule things that invigorate, and inspire her such as exercise, learning, teaching, and working.

Instill your own passion and work ethic in your team

  • Build your business around something you love.
  • Make the most of your time and other people’s time
  • Seek out people who are brimming with talent and enthusiasm…even if they’re better than you.

Embrace genius around you, encourage it, and allow people to do things in new and better way.

  • Give honest feedback, maintain high standards, and be constructive.
  • Be true to yourself brand and your truth

Get a telescope, a microscope, and a wide-angle lens.


  • She persevered and started a magazine.

Embrace new tech to find new audiences

  • Grab new opportunities, even when they scare you a little.

Broad curiosity:

A lot of people are intimidated by learning, once you’ve learned, it makes a huge difference in the way you live.

What is your favorite place to go?

Martha: Where I haven’t been

Reframe setbacks as learning opportunities

  • Not everything is rosy and the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  • Sometimes you stumble and sometimes you fall in a ditch.
  • Getting out of the ditch can be a real challenge but you have to keep believing in yourself every single day.
  • Moving forward is the only way to survive when you fall into a ditch.

The most interesting part of Martha’s day is the part that has not occurred yet.

Legacy isn’t a past-tense experience: It’s what you are going to build tomorrow or next week.

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