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I recently heard about the BBC Maestro from listening to Chris Williamson’s podcast conversation with author of the Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, Oliver Burkeman. In the podcast episode, Burkerman mentioned his BBC Maestro session on time management. I immediately checked out the platform and I was hooked. I try to watch a full session almost every week as I am also addicted to that platform. The BBC Maestro platform is still relatively new with less than 40 experts ranging from :

BBC Maestro is a subscription-based streaming platform, created to educate and inspire people to explore their creativity. Through pre-recorded lessons and detailed course notes, anyone can learn a wide range of disciplines and follow in the footsteps of experts respected all over the world. BBC Maestro offers single-course purchases or an annual subscription.


BBC Maestro is currently available in the following territories: United Kingdom, Isle of Mann, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Australia, South Africa, Canada, India, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UAE and USA. 

Great Features of the BBC Maestro Platform

  • Downloadable PDF course notes to go with each course, which offer more detailed information and tips.
  • The courses are self-paced and no courses will be removed from the site or ‘expire’. If you have an all-access annual subscription, you can watch any content while your subscription is valid.
  •  30-day money back guarantee for first all-access annual subscription

Full List of BBC Maestro Courses

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