Calm’s 7 Days of Growth with Jay Shetty.

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7 Days of Growth with Jay Shetty is a new 7-day series on growth setting. The series teaches listeners a new approach to achieving goals called growth setting. Calm is a mindfulness and meditation app that I start my day with, and I recently crossed two years of uninterrupted meditation using this great app. According to Jay, “Goals are about what you want to do in this world. Growth is about who you’re going to be in this life.” Goals are outcomes, like launching a business, finding a relationship, or earning a degree.

When you focus on growth, hitting your goal becomes inevitable.

In Jay’s new video series on Calm, Jay explores the topic of growth setting and how it can be a mindful – and effective – way of achieving your goals and doing the things you want to do with your life. The series comprises a new 3-minute video daily, where listeners learn thDaye following skills:

  • The skill of presence: A simple yet powerful tool to harness your attention at any moment 

Day 1: The Skill of Presence

  • We focus on the results when we set goals, such as losing 10 pounds or making the dean’s list. Those are just outcomes; what about the process? When you focus on growth, hitting your goals becomes inevitable.
  • Personal Growth means being more present, focused and grateful. It means moving through life with more calm and confidence. Breathing is one of the most powerful tools for staying present and navigating the trying times.

Goals are about what you want to do in this world. Growth is about who want to be in this life.”

  • Shift your mindset: See the immediate impact of Jay’s 3-step gratitude practice.

Day 2: Shift your mindset:

  • Focus on three things that you are grateful for. Reflect on something beautiful you experienced. Think of a friendly person you crossed paths with.

Reflect on A convenience, Something beautiful and A friendly person.

  • Setting daily intentions: Learn the habit of being intentional in everyday interactions. 

Day 3: Setting Daily Intentions

  • Take a moment to check in with yourself, think of an interaction coming up, scan your emotions and reflect on the qualities you want to bring into that moment.
  • How to soften your emotions: Jay reveals the key to softening intense emotions.

Day 4: Creating Space

  • Create distance between yourself and intense emotions. The day’s challenge: Monitor your emotions and mentally note your feelings. Emotions are natural. Emotional distancing is not denying your emotions but putting them in perspective, creating space for them to become less overwhelming.

You are not the emotion that you are experiencing, rather you are a person with emotions.

  • Letting go of control: Try this 2-minute process to release control and respond wisely.
  • Things within your control: How you use your attention and respond to all the things you don’t control.
  • Reframing your self-talk: An easy technique to create a healthier relationship with yourself.

Day 5: Reframe Negative Thoughts

  • Most of our negative self-talk can evolve into unpleasant emotions, which can lead to engaging in unhealthy behaviours. Catch the thought, check the thought (evaluate), and change the thought (reframe).

Catch It, Check It and Change It.

  • Lowering your stress level: A quick sensory practice.

More Info: 7 Days of Growth with Jay Shetty

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