Focus on the BIG picture.

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The big picture is the entire perspective on a situation or issue. The big picture concerns a broader perspective or outlook on current events. Focusing on the big picture is getting more challenging as we are readily distracted by the short-term instant gratification of our internet-powered world. In a micro-wave world where we are more excited about sharing a goal on social media than focusing on the mechanics of actually getting the goals executed.


Daily Calm with Tamara Levitt – The Moths Mistake

  • The deceptive nature of comfort: we are all searching for happiness, and we often seek it through forms of comfort. Comfort looks different for everyone; some find comfort in food, alcohol, intimacy, work, shopping or entertainment. When we reach for these remedies, there is often an instant relief, but pleasure is fleeting as the lure of comfort can deceive us.
  • Consider how moths tend to fly toward the flame; to the moth, the flame represents the captivating sensation of life, so they fly toward the flickering glow. But this is not a good choice; the moth seeks comfort, but the flame causes suffering. And this is what we do, we are pulled towards what appears comforting but is in fact harmful.
  • What do we reach for as comfort and notice if the habit actually brings us comfort? If so, for how long? Does the comfort come at a price of suffering?

Your habits operate at the unconscious level; you are not normally aware of them. It’s only by bringing a habit into your conscious awareness that you can observe what it’s doing, how it empowers and serves you or doesn’t. – Jeff Olson

Daily Jay with Jay Shetty – Adapting to Change

  • Letting go is hard, and holding on is harder. Change is inevitable, even though it is hard for us to adjust. It can be tough to let go; we can get caught ruminating about what we didn’t do when we had the chance or stay too long in a state of nostalgia, wishing things could have stayed the way they were.
  • Yet that does not change the reality; it merely prevents us from moving forward or making the most of what is. The more we hold on, the more we are sapped of our energy. Sapped of our energy to live in the present. When something changes or ends, it is always the start of something new and even if its difficult, it often can be the start of something beautiful.

Daily Trip with Jeff Warren – Stay

  • We all struggle with a certain level of dissatisfaction.


  • The Mental Health Doctor: Your Phone Screen & Sitting Is Destroying Your Brain!

All the best in your quest to get better. Don’t Settle: Live with Passion.

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