The 21-Days Complaint-Free Challenge.

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I would be experimenting with going 21 days without complaining, the challenge is inspired by Will Bowen, a Kansas City minister who wrote the book: A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted. I have ordered the complaint-free bracelet and I know it is not going to be easy, as I have become more conscious of my complaining tendency after reading the book.

It is going to be a roller coaster ride and am taking some measures to make the challenge easier such as making a list of the people I complain to the most, start noting things I complain most about, triggers for complaining, limit time on social media, avoid chronic complainers, find a complaint-free buddy et al.

It is not complaining to speak directly and only to the person who can resolve an issue

The Complaint Free Challenge

Putting a purple silicone bracelet on your wrist and then switching it from wrist to wrist every time you complained, until you completed twenty-one consecutive days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. In so doing, you would have formed a new habit. By becoming conscious of and changing their words, they have changed your thoughts and begun to create your live by design.

How the “21-Days Complaint-Free Challenge” Works

1. Put on the Bracelet

Put your bracelet on either wrist – you are now on Day 1 of your 21 Day journey

2. Switch the Bracelet

When you complain, move the bracelet to the other wrist.  You’re now starting over; you’re back on Day 1.

3. Stay With It

The average person takes 4 – 8 months to complete the 21-Day challenge. But stick with it!  Just remember, you can’t complain your way to health, happiness, and success.

The Complaint Free bracelet is not a symbol you sport on your wrist to inform others that you support living Complaint Free. Rather, properly used, it is a tool that will make you aware of when and how often you complain, so you can stop.

Will Bowen, shares some keys to success to achieving the 21-days complaint free challenge:

  1. Switch your bracelet with every spoken complaint.
    – Some people try to make this more difficult than it should be by switching their bracelet with every negative thought.
    – Over time, your negative thoughts will lessen significantly, but move the bracelet only when you complain, criticize, gossip, or say something sarcastic aloud.
  2. Always know what day you are on.
    – People who are serious about becoming Complaint Free always know “I’m on Day 1,” or “I’m on Day 12.”
    – People who fail say things like “I think I’m on Day 8, but I’m not sure.
    – If you don’t know what day you’re on, you’re not following this seriously.
    – If you need help monitoring your progress, download the free computer widget. It will keep you on track, and you’ll get a daily shot of inspiration from Will. Oh, and when you reach twenty-one consecutive days without complaining, the widget erupts into animated fireworks to celebrate your achievement
  3. Don’t be a bracelet cop.
    – This is not about what other people are or are not doing. If you want to point out another person’s complaint and tell that person to switch his or her bracelet, switch your bracelet first!
  4. Don’t be clever.
    – Some people who try and circumvent the system by wearing a bracelet on both wrists so they don’t have to switch. Or when they catch themselves complaining, they quickly complain again so as not to have to move the bracelet.
  5.  A Complaint Free buddy

Find someone who can help you reframe the situations in your life in a positive manner; someone who will be on “blessing patrol,” helping you seek out the potential good in whatever situation you are facing. You need a cheerleader, someone to encourage you when you’re tempted to quit, a person who wants you to make it.

If you are interested in your joining the challenge which I recommend you do, start by doing the following:

For More Info: www.A​Complaint​Free​

All the best in your quest to get better. Don’t Settle: Live with Passion.

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