Top Quotes on Narcissism.

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In psychoanalytic theory, the taking of one’s own ego or body as a sexual object or focus of the libido or the seeking or choice of another for relational purposes on the basis of his or her similarity to the self. 1 A little bit of narcissism is needed for self-belief and self-confidence. Too much obsession with one self is what leads to malignant and grandiose narcissism.

Here are 30 Quotes on Narcissism:

  • A narcissist has an overinflated view of his own abilities, similar to the kitten that sees himself as a lion on the popular poster. Narcissists are not just confident, they’re overconfident. In short, narcissists admire themselves too much. – Jean M. Twenge Ph.D. & W. Keith Campbell Ph.D, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement
  • Narcissists are people with two different self-esteems. There is a false sense of self (i.e., a pretend self that is extremely positive and desirable) and the hidden real self underneath the facade that is fearful and anxious. – Margalis Fjelstad, Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist
  • Narcissism, like strong drink, has its place and its purpose; it braces and emboldens and offers a wonderfully primal pleasure. Indulging in it too deeply, however, leaves you sorry and sick and wishing you’d been more moderate in your pleasures. – Jeffrey Kluger, The Narcissist Next Door
  • Narcissists always do what is best for them because, in their minds, what is best for them is best for the world. – Martha Stout Ph.D., Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door
  • A Narcissist will run you over and scold you for being in their way. They will endlessly complain about how you damaged their car. – Shannon Thomas, Healing from hidden abuse
  • Narcissists can be dangerously toxic because they lack the empathy to actually care about anybody else’s needs but their own. They are self-absorbed, self-centered, and extremely entitled. – Shahida Arabi, The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Dealing with Toxic People
  • Narcissists are often self-absorbed and preoccupied with a need to achieve the perfect image (recognition, status, or being envied) and have little or no capacity for listening, caring, or understanding the needs of others. –  Wendy T. Behary, Disarming the Narcissist
  • The silent killer of all great men and women of achievement—particularly men, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the testosterone—I think it’s narcissism. Even more than hubris. And for women, too. Narcissism is the killer. – Ben Affleck
  • Narcissism is not about self love. It’s a clinical trait that belies a deep sense of emptiness, low self-esteem, emotional detachment, self-loathing, extreme problems with intimacy. – Drew Pinsky
  • Narcissists are emotional porcupines, watch out for the quills! – Tracy A. Malone
  • Narcissism falls along the axis of what psychologists call personality disorders, one of a group that includes antisocial, dependent, histrionic, avoidant and borderline personalities. But by most measures, narcissism is one of the worst, if only because the narcissists themselves are so clueless. – Jeffrey Kluger
  • Narcissism and self-deception are survival mechanisms without which many of us might just jump off a bridge. – Todd Solondz
  • Technology is causing a set of seemingly disconnected things – shortening of attention spans, polarization, outrage-ification of culture, mass narcissism, election engineering, addiction to technology. – Tristan Harris
  • Self-awareness is not self-centeredness, and spirituality is not narcissism. ‘Know thyself’ is not a narcissistic pursuit. -Marianne Williamson
  • A good life balances our own self-interests with others people’s needs. That’s healthy narcissism. It’s what gives us the energy to build a life full of adventure and self-discovery. Healthy narcissism is where passion and compassion merge, offering a truly exhilarating life. And that’s a pretty great place to be. – Craig Malkin, Rethinking Narcissism: The Secret to Recognizing and Coping with Narcissists 

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