It was a noble Roman,
In Rome’s imperial day,
Who heard a coward croaker,
Before the castle say,
“They’re safe in such a fortress;
There is no way to shake it!”
On! On!” exclaimed the hero,
“I’ll find a way, or make it!”

Is Fame your aspiration?
Her path is steep and high;
In vain you seek her temple,
Content to gaze and sigh:
The shining throne is waiting,
But he alone can take it,
Who says, with Roman firmness,
“I’ll find a way, or make it!”

Is Learning your ambition?
There is no royal road;
Alike the peer and peasant
Must climb to her abode;
Who feels the thirst for knowledge
In Helicon may slake it,
If he has still the Roman will,
To “find a way, or make it!”

Are riches worth the getting?
They must be bravely sought;
With wishing and with fretting,
The boon can not be bought;
To all the prize is open,
But only he can take it,
Who says, with Roman courage,
“I’ll find a way, or make it!”

In Love’s impassioned warfare
The tale has ever been , 
That victory crowns the valiant, —
The brave are they who win:
Though strong is Beauty’s castle,
A lover still may take it,
Who says, with Roman daring,
“I’ll find a way, or make it!”

John Godfrey Saxe (1816–1887) : American Poet and Satirist 

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