How long does it take to learn?
To bait a hook with a wiggly worm,
To make a bed, to wash a plate,
To swim, to dive to figure skate,
To iron a shirt to mend a seam,
To walk with balance on a beam?
How do you think grown-ups know?

The way to dance, to paint, or sew?
They were all once children, too,
Learning skills that were brand new.
They felt tired, they got mad–
Sometimes, their moods were very bad!
Anytime you learn a skill,
It’s like climbing a steep hill.
Stumbles, scrapes, a few Oh, no’s.
Accept them as your talent grows.
With practice, you’ll see, bit by bit,
You’re getting better – so don’t quit!

Author : Unknown

Lanre is a Digital Strategy Specialist with 8+ years experience in System Administration, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing. He is an avid reader, marathon runner(10+), lifelong learner, and loves blogging about self-improvement and personal re-invention. Contact E-mail:

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