IBM Think 2020 Digital Event.

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I have followed IBM Think religiously for the past 3 years and I am always excited to follow the event. IBM is a 100+ year corporation that has seen it all. I admire IBM because of its longevity, resilience, and ability to adapt to the season.

Event: IBM Think Digital Event Experience
Theme: Accelerate recovery with open tech
When: May 5 – 6, 2020

Where: Online

In the face of the global devastation for society and business brought about by COVID-19, the agility and resilience of the developer community is more vital than ever. Attend Think Digital to deepen the technical training you need now. Gain credentials via virtual labs and certifications, and learn how to best advance your company — and your career.

By making THINK 2020 a digital event experience we will be making it accessible and free of charge for everyone, all around the world. The “event” will still be held 5-7thMay 2020 and will feature live-streamed content, interactive sessions, certification opportunities and locally hosted smaller events. These arrangements will highlight IBM’s industry-first technology and expertise without the need to travel.

Why you should attend

Gain the critical insights you need to adapt and recover.

  • Real-time Q & As with experts during live sessions
  • Build the essential technical skills you need now.
  • Discover agile and efficient business solutions

Featured speakers

Get inspired by sessions with our featured speakers from around the globe.

  • Arvind Krishna
    Chief Executive Officer IBM
  • Ginni Rometty
    Executive Chairman IBM
  • Jim Whitehurst
    President IBM
  • Amal Clooney
    Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers
  • Mayim Bialik
    Writer, Actress, Neuroscientist
  • Imogen Heap
    Musician, Producer, Founder, Mycelia For Music
    Founder and CEO I.AM+
  • Caterina Fake
    Investor Yes VC
  • Muriel Médard
    Cecil H. Green Professor of EECS MIT

Register to attend  THINK 2020 . It is Free.

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