Mastering the Market Masterclass Original Series.

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In a new four-part series from Masterclass, Mastering the Markets, learn the most successful strategies of some of the market’s greatest minds—Ray Dalio, Meredith Whitney, Joel Greenblatt, and Seth Klarman—and use their wisdom to start building wealth. With new episodes every Tuesday, The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund (Ray Dalio). The “Oracle of Wall Street.” (Meredith Whitney) and Two value-investing visionaries (Joel Greenblatt, and Seth Klarman). They predicted shifts no one else saw coming and made money when others blew it on the next big thing.

Ray Dalio – Micro-investing titan and the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund

Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, shares his early mistakes and smartest moves. Make smarter investments: Rise above the rest and navigate the market with insight from investors who’ve been trusted with more than $150 billion. Get Ray’s insight on where the market is heading next—and learn his “holy grail” for optimizing investment portfolios.

“I’m a professional mistake-maker.… One third of the decisions that I make in the markets are probably wrong.” – Ray Dalio

Founder and Chief Investment Officer Mentor, Bridgewater Associates 

In the 1960s, while working as a caddie, Ray would hear about stocks from the golfers whose clubs he lugged around the links. He saved up and bought a stock of his own—Northeast Airlines, which was selling for less than $5 a share—that soon tripled in value.

Shortly after earning his MBA at Harvard University, Ray started working as a clerk on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. And just two years after receiving his diploma, Ray founded an investment firm called Bridgewater Associates from his two-bedroom New York City apartment. 

During the early days of Bridgewater, Ray shared his market insights in the form of “Bridgewater Daily Observations” sent via telex, an early form of electronic communication. These observations, and the decisions that followed, helped Ray grow Bridgewater into the largest hedge fund in the world: Its flagship fund returned an average of 11.3 percent for its clients over more than three decades. 


C.W. Post College of Long Island
 University Brookville, New York;
Bachelor of Science
Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts;
Master of Business Administration 

Cash App I That’s Money – Kendrick Lamar & Ray Dalio – Slow Money: Invest in yourself.

In 2022 Ray costarred with American rapper Kendrick Lamar in a short video extolling the virtues of “slow money.” 


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