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Microsoft Azure Enablement Show: Cloud Adoption Series.

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In line with Microsoft’s effort to support their customer’s cloud journey, Microsoft has announced the launch of the Azure Enablement show. It is a series of technical conversations with a community of Microsoft experts, addressing common questions and challenges in your cloud adoption journey.

A collection of technical conversations addressing common cloud adoption challenges. 

Cloud Adoption Framework Series

Well-Architected Series

Series 1: Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure series has three modules right now: Introduction, Azure landing zones, and Governance.

Episode one: Overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework

Episode two: Assess your cloud readiness using Microsoft assessments
The second module in the series is focused on Azure landing zones, a set of architecture guidelines, reference implementations, and code samples based on proven practices to prepare cloud environments. 

This module will help you prepare your cloud environment with the necessary governance, compliance, and operational requirements specific to your organization’s needs.

Episode one: Prepare your cloud environments using Azure landing zones

Episode two: Choosing the best Azure landing zone option

Episode three: ‘Start small and expand’ Azure landing zones approach

Episode four: Create an enterprise-scale architecture in Azure

Episode five: Dig into enterprise scale architecture methodology

Third Module: Governance Methodology

The third module in this debut version of the show focuses on the governance methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework which guides you through the process of striking a balance between control and compliance on one side, and delivering speed and agility on the other, while you adopt the cloud.

Episode one: Establish cloud governance and compliance

Episode two: Implement cost control, budget, forecast, and allocation

Episode three: Identity baseline with authentication and access control

Episode four: Implement security baseline through corporate policy

Episode five: Cloud governance using IaC, Azure Policy, and Blueprints

Episode six: Govern and manage Azure resources at scale

Series 2: Azure Well-Architected

The Azure Well-Architected series is aimed at helping you build, design, and manage high quality workloads in Azure

Episode one: Architect successful workloads on Azure: Introduction module

Episode two: Ask the right questions about your Azure workloads

Episode three (Part 1): Essential advice for improving Azure workloads

Episode three (Part 2): Essential advice for improving your Azure workloads

The  cost optimization pillar of the Well-Architected Framework

Episode one: Start optimizing your Azure costs

Episode two (Part 1): Diving deeper into Azure cost optimization

Episode two (Part 2): Diving deeper into Azure cost optimization

Reliability Module

Episode one: Start improving the reliability of your Azure workloads

Episode two (Part 1): Diving deeper into Azure workload reliability

Episode two (Part 2): Diving deeper into Azure workload reliability

Official Webpage of the Microsoft Azure Enablement Show

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