The Museum of Failure.

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The Museum of Failure is a touring exhibition that features a collection of failed products and services. It was inspired by its founder and curator, Samuel West, ‘s 2016 visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. The museum first opened on June 7, 2017, in Helsingborg, Sweden. According to the curator, the museum aims to help people recognize that “we need to accept failure if we want to progress” and encourage companies to learn more from their failures without resorting to “cliches.”

The Museum of Failure is a collection of failed innovations that we can learn from – Samuel West, curator and founder of the Museum of Failure

What determines a failed product?

  • A deviation of the desired outcome. The museum has over 200 items, and new artifacts are added every year.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. – James Joyce

  • Innovation needs failure. All progress, not only technological progress, is built on learning from past failures and mistakes. The museum aims to stimulate productive discussion about failure and inspire us to take meaningful risks.

Touring Exhibition

The museum opened first in Sweden and has travelled the world as a touring exhibition. The museum will soon get a permanent home in the perfect location near Malaga, Spain. Previous exhibitions include:

• Washington DC – 2023
• New York City, USA – 2023
• Calgary, Canada – 2022
• Taipei, Taiwan – 2022
• Minneapolis, Mall of America – 2021
• Saint-Étienne, CitéduDesign – 2020
• Paris, La Cité des Sciences – 2019
• Shanghai (上海第一百货) – 2019
• Helsingborg, Dunkers – 2018
• Hollywood – 2018
• Los Angeles, A+D Museum – 2018
• Helsingborg, Kulturhotellet – 2017

Virtual Exhibits of the Museum of Failure

For More Info: The Museum of Failure.

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