Top 30 Quotes on Self-Interest.

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Self-Interest is the act of focusing on the needs or interests of one’s self. At the core of many wars, divorces, miscommunication, family rift comes from asking people to act against their self-interest.

Quotes on Self-Interest:

  • Self-interest is the enemy of all true affection. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth. – Chanakya
  • Advice from others is always filtered through self interest – .James Cook
  • Even wisdom has to yield to self-interest. – Pindar
  • Self-interest is an inexhaustible source of convenient illusions. The number of beings who wish to see truly is extraordinarily small. – Henri Frederic Amiel
  • Altruism is masked self-interest. Aggressive self-interest is a masked urge to self-destruction. – Greg Bear
  • Men are moved by two levers onlyfear and self interest. – Napoleon Bonaparte
  • People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world. – John Stossel
  • The virtues are lost in self-interest as rivers are lost in the sea. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. – Oscar Wilde
  • Nature… is nothing but the inner voice of self-interest. – Charles Baudelaire
  • Self-interest makes some people blind, and others sharp-sighted.- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
  • Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender. – Henri Frederic Amiel
  • The cause of violence is not ignorance. It is self-interest. Only reverance can restrain violence – reverance for human life and the environment. – William Sloane Coffin
  • If your imagination leads you to understand how quickly people grant your requests when those requests appeal to their self- interest, you can have practically anything you go after. – Napoleon Hill
  • Human service is the highest form of self-interest for the person who serves. – Elbert Hubbard

Each man must live as an end in himself and follow his own rational self-interest. – Ayn Rand

  • Never appeal to a man’s ‘better nature.’ He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage. – Robert A. Heinlein
  • The universe is driven by the complex interaction between three ingredients: matter, energy, and enlightened self-interest. – Mark Scott Zicree
  • Self-interest, or rather self-love, or egoism, has been more plausibly substituted as the basis of morality.  – Thomas Jefferson
  • Self-interest is hostile to the common good, but enlightened self-interest is not. And this is the best key to the meaning of enlightenment. – Allan Bloom
  • My main life lesson from investing: self-interest is the most powerful force on earth, and can get people to embrace and defend almost anything. – Jesse Lauriston Livermore
  • Self-interest is the most ingenious and persuasive of all the agents that deceive our consciences, while by means of it our unhappy and stubborn prejudices operate in their greatest force. – William C. Bryant
  • The new world economic order is not an exercise in philanthropy, but in enlightened self-interest for everyone concerned. – Carlos Fuentes
  • We must keep on trying to solve problems, one by one, stage by stage, if not on the basis of confidence and cooperation, at least on that of mutual toleration and self-interest. – Lester B. Pearson
  • Courage is a decision you make to act in a way that works through your own fear for the greater good as opposed to pure self-interest. Courage means putting at risk your immediate self-interest for what you believe is right. – Derrick Bell

Entrepreneurship is the use of self-interest in the service of others. Politics is the use of others in the service of self-interest.

  • If I have to choose between you and me – I like me better. – Charlaine Harris
  • It is not conscience, but self-interest, that makes cowards of us all. – Marty Rubin
  • Altruism is masked self-interest. Aggressive self-interest is a masked urge to self-destruction. – Greg Bear
  • By self-interest, Man has become gregarious, but in instinct he has remained to a great extent solitary; hence the need of religion and morality to reinforce self-interest. – Bertrand Russell
  • The world will always be governed by self-interest: we should not try to stop this: we should try and make the self-interest of cads a little more coincident with that of decent people. – Samuel Butler
  • A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights. Men are moved by only two mechanisms: fear and self-interest. Victory belongs to the most persevering. – Napoleon Bonaparte

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