I would be reading 100 books in 2021 and this post is for public pressure and documentation.

Here is the scorecard for the previous Book Challenges:


Goal: Read 100 Hardcover Books
Outcome: Read 50+ Books by December 31st 2016


Goal: Read 100 Books from my Amazon Kindle.
Outcome: Read 80+ Books by December 31st 2017


Goal: Read 100 Books from my Amazon Kindle
Outcome: Read 10+ but stopped to make & execute some life decisions (Relocation et al)


Did not set the goal to read 100 Books but read some books : was not counting but I guess I read 20+ books all year round.

100 Books Reading Challenge 2020

Goal: Read 100 Books by December 31st, 2020
Outcome: Read 89 Books by December 31st 2020


Goal: Read 100 Books by December 31st, 2021

January – 8

February -10


Lanre is a Digital Strategy Specialist with 8+ years experience in System Administration, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing. He is an avid reader, marathon runner(10+), lifelong learner, and loves blogging about self-improvement and personal re-invention. Contact E-mail: lanre.dahunsi@gmail.com


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  2. You inspire me to read too. Well done for setting the pace and showing that it is possible.

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